Date:           27 July 2017                 
Venue:        Rainbow Towers Hotel

Corporate Social Investment-Towards the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals

The purpose of this conference is to explore how effective if well strategized and supported through mutually beneficial partnerships, Corporate Social Investments can contribute to meaningful sustained economic development and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.


The state of Corporate Social Investment  in Zimbabwe and the fundamentals of philanthropy
The presentation on this topic is expected to  highlight CSI spending patterns and trends and to give a  reflection on how organisations are faring in relation to each other in areas of CSI

Zimbabwe State-owned enterprises’ commitment to economic development
This topic is expected to unpack the State Owned Enterprise’s commitment to economic development, in line with Zimbabwe’s Economic Development Plan (ZIMASSET).

How employee community involvement can enhance Corporate Social Investment in Zimbabwe
The topic will examine how employee community involvement that is integrated with business and national development priorities can contribute to social and business transformation.

Aligning CSI initiatives towards the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals
The topic will analyze the various CSI initiatives being implemented by organisations in Zimbabwe with a view of measuring their impact and contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Participation/Delegate Fees 150USD/Delegate