Date :      29 September 2017
Venue :   Rainbow Towers Hotel
Theme :  Corporate Social Investment-Towards the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals

The Zimbabwe CSR Network Awards are the Zimbabwe focused CSR and Sustainability accolades in the country. The Awards are based on the contribution by the Private and Public sectors towards the attainment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Participants will be mobilized from the diverse sectors and industries who have created positive impact towards Zimbabwe sustainable development and the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals.

CSR Awards Judging Process 2017
The Awards are judged by a panel of industry experts who all bring a broad range of experience in the sector.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Awards seek to recognise the outstanding work of businesses that are engaged in making a difference in their communities  they operate in. The CSR Awards are a chance for businesses to showcase their achievements in a variety of action categories, from volunteer programmes to environmental initiatives and more. The Awards are open to businesses of all sizes engaged in CSR, from big Corporations to SMEs..

Judging Process
CSRNZ is committed to ensuring that the judging process is both robust and transparent. Judges are looking in particular for projects which are innovative, engage staff at all levels, are well thought out and communicated, utilise a variety of resources, and have positive impacts on the business and the target sector.

The CSR Awards applications are reviewed by experts in the field of CSR and business leaders.

The judging panels are chaired by an independent chairperson.

Judging Panel One
Judging Panel One scrutinises all applications to the Awards. The judges review the applications independently and provide a score. This judging panel then meets to discuss the highest scoring projects and create a shortlist of the strongest projects. These projects are then passed on to Judging Panel Two for review.

Key Judging Criteria
The judges evaluate each project on its individual merits, but there are a number of criteria that will be key factors in their evaluation:

  • Innovation: Projects should demostrate high levels of inovation in addressing the relevant issues.
  • Engagement & Collaboration: Projects engage staff at all levels of the company and involve knowledge or skills sharing. There is strong and mutually beneficial collaboration with any partner charities, communities or other stakeholders.
  • Strategy & Communications: Projects involve clear identification and prioritisation of goals and actions, and effective communications with all stakeholders.
  • Social Impact: Projects have demonstrable, positive, long term impact on the relevant stakeholders and are sustainable.
  • Business Impact: The company and staff benefit from engagement in the project. CSR projects support and complement core business strategy.

Company Categories
We request that companies identify which category they fall under during the application process and they can enter in as many categories as they can as long as they are engaged in that CSR project.

Application Deadlines

  • 01 April 2017 : Applications open
  • 30 August 2017: Closing date for applications

Participation/Delegate Fees 100USD/Delegate