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Who is CSR Network Zimbabwe

The CSR Network Zimbabwe (CSRNZ) is a professional multi-stakeholder organization established in Zimbabwe in 2016 with the aim to advance the principles and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility in the private sector with the ultimate goal of supporting Sustainable businesses which will contribute to sustainable economic growth leading to the achievement of some Sustainable Development Goals.

CSRNZ facilitates networking, learning and sharing experiences and knowledge in matters of CSR.

The CSR Network Zimbabwe aims also to promote, encourage and recognize responsible business practices through training, research, advisory services, and by recognition through The CSR Network Zimbabwe Awards.

Raise Awareness

CSR Network Zimbabwe mission is to raise awareness, build capacity, promote and support the development and implementation of good CSR practices. Through collaborative action and membership services, we strive to lead a local, movement towards responsible and sustainable business which will contribute to sustainable economic growth.

Sustainable Business, Sustainable society, Sustainable world

Responsible leadership, towards sustainable development in the world, businesses and societies

As the World Governments grapple with efforts to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals it is important to look at the efforts and contribution being made by the Private Sector towards the full attainment of these SDGs.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Network Of Zimbabwe which is primarily a network of companies and individuals directly and indirectly involved in CSR initiatives has been established to publicize, profile and unpack the role and contribution of the private sector towards the achievement of the SDGS.

We realise that there a lot the private sector is doing to support government efforts to attain these Sustainable Development Goals.

Raise Awareness

Create value for your business and society through strategic community investment.

CSR Network Zimbabwe can provide you with specific community investment advisory in the following areas:

  • Community investment programme assessment and benchmarking
  • Identifying community needs and resources
  • Partnership management
  • Identification of a vision, aim and objectives
  • Measurement and communication of impact

The Team

Willard Razawo

Corporate Social Responsibility Network Zimbabwe was founded by Willard Razawo in December 2016 driven by his desire to see the development, advancement and of the improvement of the standard of Living for Africans. He believes this can only be attained and sustained if we have Responsible leaders who work hard towards sustainable development of businesses, societies and the world at large.

His main strengths in business are derived from the robust strong relationship he enjoys with all stakeholders he has worked with over the last 20 years. His work is proficient in the areas of Training and Business Development, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Publicity and Journalism, Customer Relationship Management among others.

He has also gained a vast experience in doing work for the private sector. He recently graduated with a diploma in Private Sector Growth Strategies (PSGS) Under the Swedish International Development Agency program.

He has worked for different Business Member Organisations (BMOs) in Zimbabwe among them is the Zimbabwe National Chamber Of Commerce and The Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers.

Willard Razawo is a holder of several local and international academic qualifications. His Work Experience spans over 20 years.

Dr Eve Gadzikwa



Eve is a Christian, happily married to Celestine and the couple has two wonderful children.
She believes in developing talent of youth and supporting women to reach their full potential. Her philosophy in life to is striving for excellence, hard work, positive attitude and confidence in herself. Eve believes in giving back to her community by sharing her God-given talents and time. She has never stopped learning and continues to push boundaries. Eve loves writing and published her first leadership book, ” I dare you to lead” in 2015. Her latest publication is “Made in Africa” a continental Magazine which she launched on 01 March 2017.

Lynn Mukonoweshuro

Mrs Mukonoweshuro holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Social Sciences from University of Zimbabwe and a Masters in Business Administration degree from Nottingham Trent University –United Kingdom as well as management and leadership certificates. She received Euro money Banking Operations training in Tanzania and 95% Share Market Training in New York. Mrs Mukonoweshuro has extensive leadership experience spanning across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands in Banking, Manufacturing and ICT sectors. Mrs Mukonoweshuro is the Managing Director of Lion Finance Zimbabwe.

She is the current non – executive Chairman of Insurance and Pension Commission of Zimbabwe. She chairs the Remuneration Committee at Akribos Capital Incorporated

Wellington Mapedzamombe

Wellington is a practising Stockbroker and an Executive Director of Invictus Securities Zimbabwe, a brokerage firm and member of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. He has more than twenty years of experience in investment advisory and share trading which stretches from the administrative to front office and has worked on various financial services transactions that range from new listings, re-listing, demergers, acquisitions, share splits, options and investor relations mandate. He was instrumental in the automation of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange as a consultant. Wellington is a holder of Bachelor of Business Studies (UZ) and various other trade related qualifications and an alumni of the Strategic Business Management (SBM2010) sponsored and organised by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and JARSKOG KONSULT AB respectively.

Wellington chairs the Boards of Safeline Friction Distributors & Ignition Mate including other various corporate and social committees.

Blake Mhatiwa

Mr Mhatiwa has over 20 years working in the private sector in Zimbabwe, and within the region, in the mining and construction sectors; holding several portfolios in the respective sectors during the period. Currently he is the Managing Director of Mota-Engil Africa, Zimbabwe Branch.  The organisation is an active member of the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe as well as the Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe.

He is a holder of Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Zimbabwe, a Master of Business Administration Degree from the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe as well as Several Managerial and Leadership certificates.

Socially he is a Philanthropist and Social entrepreneur

Andrew Matiza

Andrew Matiza is currently the Business Development Executive for Harare Sunshine Holdings.

Andrew  graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy from the local university and is a Certified Internal Auditor by professional qualification. He is also a Management Development Program graduate.

Andrew has more than twenty years experience in financial management and audit having held senior managerial positions in both the public and private sectors. He also has considerable experience in general and strategic management.

Andrew has previously been the CEO of a leading Zimbabwean Business Member Organization for five years and in this role has developed a keen interest in private sector development at local, regional and international level. He is also an independent consultant and entrepreneur involved in a number of companies in various sectors and sits on a number of Boards.

Andrew sees great opportunity in the private sector in Zimbabwe and has been involved in various initiatives to promote the country’s economic growth through the private sector

Beven Simba Marimira

Beven Marimira is currently the Business Development Executive for LA Guard Insurance Brokers.

Beven graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies from the local university and is a Certified Insurance professional.

Beven has vast experience working in the financial services sector. He has developed a keen interest in agriculture development at local, regional and international level. He is an independent consultant and entrepreneur.

Beven sees great opportunity in the private sector in Zimbabwe and has been involved in various initiatives to promote the country’s social and economic growth.


Tina is the CSR Network Zimbabwe Secretariat Director handling training and administration portfolios. She is a holder of Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree in Marketing and Tourism management from Monash University South Africa. She has vast experience in marketing and is passionate about sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Aside from CSR work she is an entrepreneur currently engaged in some travel and tourism work in Zimbabwe. She believes that CSR is and should be an important component of any business. Her motto is “Aspire to inspire before you expire.”

Lewis Chikurunhe

Lewis is an avid marketer,a strategist and a philanthropist with a passion for social entrepreneurship aligned to community development.He believes in the realisation of sustainable development goals (SDGs)  in Zimbabwe through the promotion of community driven innovations.